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Astro IPTV 30Mbps

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Package Speed30 Mbps
PromotionAstro IPTV 30Mbps + Astro Family Pack for only RM99
Free DeviceAstro IPTV recoder + Wi-Fi router + modem
Contract24 months
InstallationFREE installation for auto debit
CancellationProrated RM 100 per month

Astro broadband allows you to enjoy television channels in any weather condition and high speed internet without lagging and waiting.   You get to enjoy more saving too!

Advantage of Astro IPTV

Better quality of television programs.  As the programs is delivered through internet connection, you do not rely on satellite signal or antenna, thus there will be no interruption of programs when the weather is bad.

ASTRO IPTV with stable TV program and more saving

astro iptv in any weather condition

Enjoy Stable and Uninterrupted Television Program In Any Weather Condition

Now you can watch your favorite Astro channels even when it is raining.  Astro IPTV uses internet connection to transmit data, thus allowing television programs delivered through high speed Internet connection.


astro iptv

Enjoy Saving with Astro Broadband

Enjoy better saving when you subscribed for Astroo Broadband.  You will get additional RM26.50 (Include GST) discount when you bundled Fibre Broadband with Astro Super Pack.